Example link: https://creator.celestory.io/project/3T9yw86cs

You can let the user of your app fill a database while letting him (or not) consult it.

To fill the database, use:

A Text Input block: "Validate my nickname", whose value must be linked to the variable you need to create.

Create a variable:

1) Go to the menu, then to Variable

2) Click on "Add", then select "Text".

3) Give a name to your variable ("Username")

An Assignment block that you must link to the variable you just created "User name".

A Zapier (or Integromat) block that you also need to link to the variable you just created "Nickname" that will be sent to the Google Sheet, and will trigger the desired action (here: Fill in a cell of the Nickname column).

The Zapier block allows you to transfer the value of a variable to +2000 apps via the Zapier platform, including Google Sheet.

There are 3 datas that can be sent to the Zapier block:

- The date of the connection

- The value of one or more variables

To learn more about connecting the Zapier block to your Zapier account, click on: 🔌 Connect Celestory to Zapier

Create a Menu:

1) Go to Main Menu (blue button with the title of your project in the top left corner of the creation interface), then click on Menus.

2) You have access to a Main Menu with a default border style that you can change if you want to

3) You also have three elements already present: Spacing, start button and start button.

Delete all items to add new ones.

4) Add the following:


Text: "## Database tutorial" the # are used to go back to the line


Start button: "Enter username", determine the font (no serif), the size (20), the color (White) and the border style (Bot)

Button open a menu: "Consult the database", determine the font (without serif), the size (20), the color (White) and the border style (Bot)


Your main menu now looks like this:

To learn more about how to create a Menu you can visit 📑 Creating a Menu and its pages

Create an Open Menu block and associate the Main Menu you have just created.

Then you have to give access to the database:

(ex: Google Sheet):

- Create your Google Sheet

- Click on File/Publish on the web

- In Celestory, click on Main Menu/Menus

- Create a custom menu

- Use a Web view element with the web address

from the Google sheet

This way you will not only be able to access your database from within the application, but also separately from any device while choosing who can access it.

Test the project live: https://discovery.celestory.io/fr/games/3kIbHZIyXV

Link from the Google Sheet database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vS-Ru1cpBJlXnIzwwwVDP9EpdCN2aclomIfTo-AxXCllEPyNZrtjdqjyvdIU4-65GHwIqTf13dBFirj/pubhtml
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