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๐Ÿ”ก Translate your app

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**๐Ÿ”ก Translate your app:**

To translate your entire app, several steps are necessary.

1) Open the Blue Menu in the name of your project, then click on "Translate". Then enter the original language, then the translation language and validate.

The window that appears next shows you in percentage the number of blocks and the number of menus translated.

2) To translate the whole, you have to start with "Export a PO file". This is a text file that can contain the original texts and the translations that you will integrate in a translation software. In this example we will use poEDIT

3) Launch the software and drag and drop your .po . You then get a list of IDs corresponding to either your menus or your blocks. Click on each ID to view the original text, then insert the translated text in the "Translation" box.

4) When all your IDs are translated, save the file and then import it into the creator by clicking on "Import PO file". If all your translations have been done, you will see 100% completion.

This way you can add as many translations as you want.

6) From now on, when you "Play current module", you will be able to directly change the language thanks to the debug window that appears. Click on the chosen language, then click on "Start again with the selected language". Your test will restart in the selected language.

7) For the user to also have the possibility to change the language of your app, you can add a language choice by inserting an HUD.

7a) Start by activating the HUD menu by going to "Module settings" then "App style" then "HUD" and finally click in the drop-down menu on "HUD".

7b) Then go to the "Project Menus" by going to the Blue Menu under the name of your project, then "Menus". You can then add an item, then click on "Change Language".

You can then edit the button: select the chosen language and the text you want to display.

So when the user plays your app, he will be able to change the language during his experience.

Updated on: 29/03/2021

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