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🔄 Update 5.2

Design update Authentication and New project pages
Added maintenance mode
Direct project copy from a link, format:
Possibility to choose whether a character comes from the left or the right
Visual novel character who leaves when the background changes
Framing system to adjust the scene setting in Debug mode (9/16 mobile, 16/9 pc...)
Home Creator: search option and categories
Creator Release Note
Add labels to mark blocks
Adding comments
Import/Export modules (Main Menu/Project settings)
Adding themes
Analytics (Sankey diagram, Statistics)
Playing from anywhere in the graph
Variable injection
Search for variables in Debug mode
Publishing a game (Html5, PWA)
Improved documentation
Smart suggestion of adding block
Suggested copy when saving an example
Tutorials examples: bot, prose and visual novel

Updated on: 29/03/2021

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