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🟩 Dialogue

The Dialogue block shows the dialogue of one or more series of lines in each character bubble in the feed of the module.

When you create a new dialogue block, open it and clock on Slect a character to open the contextual menu. Then choose a character or create a new one.

Opening dialogue block

Several characters in dialogue

To add another character line, just press enter. To change the character of a line, click first on the line, then changer the character on the contextual menu above.

In each dialogue bubble, it is possible to add a media source, currently an image or a sound. They will appear as an MMS attachment. This is the best way to give voice to your characters, but the audio replicas will have to be associated with each text replica in each dialogue block. For now, audios are linked to the last statement of each Dialogue block.

Dialogue content

Updated on: 02/05/2021

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