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🟥 Word recognition

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The Word Recognition block recognizes text expressions. Coupled with a Text input block, it allows to recognize text typed by the user.

Once the block is created on the graph, you can click on the Words button to add expressions that the block will recognize.

You can add several expressions per field, to do this press Shift + Enter between each expression. All the expressions in a field return to a single block output.
There is also the not found output in case the input expression does not match any expression in the block.

The input constituent point is used to retrieve the expression to be recognized, you can connect it to different blocks that can output a text expression.
Here, for the example, we connect it to the Text input block, this will allow us to recognize text entered by the user.

So, in our example, the user can write text and it will be recognized by the block.

Now you know how to use the Word Recognition block.

Updated on: 03/06/2021

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