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🐱‍🏍 Import Gifs & Images

Link to the example :

**🟩 Load image :**

If you want to upload images to your app, you can do it in Main Menu/Files.

You can also easily upload images hosted on external sites via URLs, such as Gif with Gyphy, your logos or user photos with Airtable.


After creating an Image block, expand the entry point "image" and click on the creation of the Load Image block.

Open the Load Image block, and paste your url into it.

**Allow the user to import a custom URL :**

You can also offer the user to insert the custom url of their image - which you can then display wherever you want later in the experience by associating it with a text variable.

To do this, start by adding an "**Input text**" block - this will allow the user to insert the link of his URL. You just need to connect this block to an "**Assign**" block to which you will need to connect a text variable that you have previously created - in the example "**URL image profile**". Don't forget to link the value of the "**Input text**" block to that of the "**Assign**" block.

The user will then be able to insert a URL himself:

The image linked to this URL can be displayed at any time in the experiment as soon as you connect the "**URL image profile**" variable to the "**Upload image**" block.

You know how to allow the user to import a gif or image to customize their experience.

Updated on: 20/10/2021

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