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⏱ Quick tour of Celestory

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πŸ‘‰ Getting Started

A Celestory app consists of πŸ”± graphs and its 🧩 blocks defining the logic and πŸ“‘ menu pages.

You can preview the app by clicking on Play the current module on the top bar.

The current graph will be played.

To launch the app from the menu, leave your mouse on this button and click on one of the menus scrolling.

πŸ”± The graph and 🧩 the blocks

Each graph is a representation of a logic where the flow passes through blocks each having actions on the app, always starting from a block 🟩 Start on the left.

Each block therefore consists of an β–Ά arrow entry and exit arrow β–Ά.

You can create blocks by maintaining the exit arrow and extending the link to an area empty. A contextual menu offers you to create a block.

To change the content of a block, double click on it to open its editing window.

Modify the content and close this window to validate.

More information:

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Anatomy of a block

Different blocks

πŸ“‘ Menu pages

Go to the Main Menu of the project (the button blue at the top left and click on "Menus".

In the window for editing menu pages, you cancan modify each page with elements:

texts, images, buttons opening other menu pages, buttons Start to launch a graph or

Layouts to create menu subpages.

You can create other menus by clicking on Add.

There are 3 types of menus:

- Page: a full screen page.

- ATH: a persistent menu that can be displayed when a graph is launched.

- Overlay: an overlay menu.

More information:
πŸ“‘ Create menu & pages

🎨 Customize the design

You can change the design of several elements of your app:

πŸ“‘ Menu pages

Click on the πŸ– icon of an item to customize it design.

πŸ”± the graph and 🧩 the blocks

A Celestory project is composed of Modules, which are Chapters containing graphs that share the same properties:

Click on Module Settings on the top bar to change the name, the characters (linked to the block Dialogue) but also the App Style and the Style of the blocks.

πŸ’¨ Publish your app

Click on Publish on the top bar to publish your app in many formats.

The default format is the "Direct Link" which host your app automatically and create a url that you can share immediately.

More information:
Discover the Creator

Updated on: 20/10/2021

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