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Home Page: Examples

The Home page of the Creator is an interface with a lot of possibilities. You can create and share tremendous projects, find documentation and access to your profil’s parameters.

Access to projects

**My projects**

This part displays all your personal projects. When you create a project, you are automatically granted with its administrator rights, which means you can modify its content and depiction, share it to other users or delete it.

To create a project, just click on the corresponding button (the blue one on the upper-right corner of the interface). It must be named, and you may give it a quick desription.

To change the content of your project, click on its logo. To change its characteristics, click on the lateral menu represented by three little dots and choose your option. Also, do not hesitate to frequently copy a project, in order to keep an older version of your work.

**Shared Projects**

This sections gives you an access to all the projects shared with you. As you are not their creator, you do not have their administrative rights, but you can still have a look at them or change them if you have been allowed to do so.

Little dots under name’s project represent all the user sharing the project. To see their name, pass your mouse over them, and the corresponding nickname and mail adress will show up.


In this section, you will find everything you need to master the Creator and keep in touch with Celestory’s universe.

Having an access to documentation

A complete user guide and a link to our Youtube channel are disponible, in order to answer all your questions.

Join our community

You will also find an url to our users’ Discord. You will be able to share and discuss with our community, and you can send messages to our crew as we are frequently present on the Discord.

Here is the link :

Live Chat

You can also contact us via our Live Chat service on the main page. Just click on the icone set on the lower-right corner, which will open a box allowing you to contact us or visiting our FAQ. There is also a feedback option to help us understand tour feeling about the Creator.

Our expertises

The Academy also displays informations about our team and competences. You can also check our pricing and our different offers.

Your profile

By clicking on your profile picture on the top right of the home page, you will find your profile management window.

You can change your name, upload another picture, change your suscription, the theme of Celestory and change the language.

Updated on: 29/03/2021

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