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Main menu (blue button)

Main menu (blue button)


In this menu, you can change the name, credits and description of your project, as well as the tag associated with it.

You can also activate the magnetic grid that helps you organize your blocks, as well as Import/Export your graphs (see section: Modules).

Search blocks

In this menu, you can search for blocks by keywords (title and content) or by their ID (visible in the Debug window during Play Test).


This is the menu that allows you to view the modification history of a session. It will be lost if you exit the current project, refresh the page, or exit your browser.

You can go back or forward through your changes using the arrows in the menu.

You can use the keyboard shortcut Control+Alt+Z to go backwards.

Click Control+Y to view your project's edit history.


This is the menu that allows you to create block labels, in order to mark them to indicate a particular feature (e.g. to correct them later), you can customize the labels by clicking Add.

The block labels appear thanks to the "label button" in the header of a block. You will have the choice between several icons, each of them creating a border of the corresponding color for this block, allowing you to better locate it in the graph. 


The Translate menu will allow you to manage the translations in different languages of your project. It is currently not operational.


This menu allows you to manage the files of your resources. You can store them in folders, rename them and preview them.

You also have a view of the remaining storage space dedicated to you. To get more, simply upgrade your subscription to a higher level.

Files can be images (png, jpg, gif), movies (mp4), sounds (mp3) and fonts (ttf).

Characters must be contained in a transparent square in order to be displayed correctly. The indicative size of this square is: 1024x1024 pixels.


In the Variables menu, you can create and manage your different variables. Variables are the performance indicators in your game. 

These variables have a name, a type (boolean, digital...), a default value (i.e. the value from the Start block).

The value of these variables will change according to the player's choices.

The values of these variables can be visible or hidden for the player. By pressing the Play button, you will have access to the Variable Preview which represents the value of these variables at time t for the creator (you can also inject, i.e. force a change in the value of a variable in order to test different hypotheses).

The player will see the state of his variables only if you indicate an unknown in the Format text format, whose value point is linked to the block of the corresponding variable (ex of 3 types of variables visible to the player: You, {{ playername }} have earned {{ X }} points, it is {{ Suspect-arrested? }} that the suspect has been arrested).


In the menu you can create styles, i.e. bubble presets from image files from your resources. 

To integrate your own bubble design into your project, follow the steps related to the image above, and then click on "Add".

Set your style by selecting "Border Image" (in the case of a speech bubble) and give it a name.

Then select your bubble design by clicking on "select image".

Select the image directly from your files if you have already imported it, otherwise click on "add file" at the bottom left.

Then just click on your bubble and click on "ok".

You will then have to set the format of your bubble so that it adapts perfectly to your content without distorting.

To do this, several functions are available: 




Fill center

Repeat pattern X

Repeat pattern Y



To help you fill in these fields, feel free to visit generators like this one :

Import your bubble, adjust the borders using the 4 rods and when the preview suits you, copy the data in the creator.

A preview will soon be available in the creator directly.


In the menu you can change the theme and language of Celestory.

Close project

Clicking Close project closes your graph and returns you to the home page.

Updated on: 29/03/2021

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