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🗂️ Module settings (design)

You have access to the settings of each module.


In this menu, you can rename or remove your module.


In this menu, you can change the UI (interface) of the game (appearance of the game).


You can scale your game to fit any media and resolution.

Maximum width

This function allows you to select the width of your frame, in which feed id displayed. You can select different size's criterias, such as percentage or pixels.

Background image

You can import any image that will frame your game, which means that this image will be displayed in the zone uncovered by the frame.


You can change the background of your game: either by uploading an image or by selecting a color of your choice.


A color picker and a transparency picker are at your disposal to choose the color that suits you best.


You can modify the X and Y axes to crop your image to fit your content perfectly. Different scales, such as percentage and pixels, are disponible.


Changing the size of your image is kind of similar to the modification of your wallpaper in Windows. You can choose a display option among the following ones: "auto", "cover" (image will be extended or reduced to fill perfectly in the frame, even if the frame is not totaly covered), "contain" (image will be extended until frame is totaly covered up by it), "custom".


Another function to adapt and optimize the display of your background image : it will change its shape among different option, such as the creation of mosaic ("repeat", "repeat y" and "repeat x") or its polishing.


Several functions allow you to organize the information flow of your game as you wish. By modifying the functions below, the flow of information (characters, speech bubbles, texts...) will be displayed in a different way. 

Feed width (in %)

Allows you to adjust the width of the information flow. For example if you set 100%, the information flow will extend over the entire width of your screen.

Feed height (in %)

Allows you to adjust the height of the information flow. For example, if you set 100%, the information flow will extend over the entire height of your screen. Alternatively if you set it at 0%, no content will be displayed.

Feed position

You can choose where your information flow is displayed: up, down or in the middle.

Feed background color

A color picker is available to select a background color. Only at the information flow level.

Character images

‘Hide Image’

You can decide to show-off character's image or not.

‘Use large character images’

If activated, characters will appear larger behind the feed, otherwise they will remain as a round avatar (medallion).

‘Image width’ and ‘Image height’

Where you can change the size of character's image as it is displayed in the feed.

‘Round character images’

If this option is selected, image will be displayed as a medallion : if not, they will be displayed as square.

Border's option

You can change a lot of parameters in this section, all of them belonging to the design of your character's border.


Where you use "choice" blocks in your game, you can customize the way it is displayed. For this, several functions are available:

Show choices made

If you check this box, your choice will be displayed. If you uncheck it, only the result will be displayed.

Full width of the feed

You can adjust the margins of the Choice Container so that the different elements are displayed harmoniously.

Choice container margin

This section allows you to set answers' margins.

Text alignement

You can choose to have your text appearing in the centre, right or left.

Text style

You can change the style of your text, with paramaters such as font, font size and acolor

Border image

A wide choice of border images (speech bubbles) is available in this function. Select one and launch your game to see the result.

Text style disabled

Where you can change the look of your disabled answers (to create disabled answers, you will need to set an Alter Choice blocks).


When you use an "Alert" block, you can customize it. And for this, several functions are available: 

Full width of the feed

If you check this box, the alert will take the width of the window.

Text style


You can change the typography of the alert text


A color picker is at your disposal to change the color of the alert text.

Border image

A choice of border images is available in this function. Select one and run your game to see the result.


You can customize the style of your speech bubbles. It has the same options of customisation as disponible in the Choice section.

Some options may be disponible for Pro version or further development : for now, they may be not disponible, but here is a quick depiction of what is possible. You can define a main characters and support roles, each one having a text style. The dialogue is divided into two parts: the main messages (those of your main character usually shown on the right) and the other messages (those of the secondary characters usually shown on the left).

Switch background

You can decide of the style, the font and the color of the text displayed when the image of the Switch background block is triggered. The text appears on the lower-right corner of the image.

Waiting button

Tap to continue the dialogues

You can decide if you want the text to be automaticaly displayed or if you want the player to tap on the screen to see text appearing.

Fill feed with

If you want the waiting button to fill all the width of the frame.

‘Text and Text style’

As the waiting button is mainly text designed for the moment, you can set all the characteristics belongin to text parameters.


Choice sound

You have the possibility to import your own sounds and choose which on you want to link to your action.


You can change the text appeareance of narrator's text.


You can hide the transparency effect on top of your feed and decide wheter or not you want to allow the selection of your text on the feed, which means that the player will be able to copy/paste your text.


You can change the style of the text you have inputed to be displayed on the image when you use an Image related block.


To add a character, scroll down the window and click on the Add Character button.

Each character has a name, an associated visual resource, and an orientation for entering the field from the left or right if the Big pictures box is checked. 

To change the name, click on its name in the option of the character (and not in the menu of characters). To select a visual resource, click on "add an image" ressource and click on the icon. You may then choose or upload an image that will be displayer in a preview if you have selected this possibility.

For each character, you can also decide to change its specific textual and border design. Finally you can delete the character by clicking on the trash icon on the right.

Updated on: 20/10/2021

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