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🎬 Interactive video

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Discover how to create an interactive video. You can turn any type of video into an interactive video: training videos, interactive tours, product or software demonstrations...

1. design your interactive scenario

Videos are visual resources, so the graph will mainly consist of blocks πŸŸͺ Video choice.

To learn more about how to embed a video, click on this link: πŸŸͺ Video choice

In this example the first Illustrated Choice block named Start here with two possible choices: "Left alley" and "Righ alley".

Each block will link to another Video Choice block since it is an interactive video.

Of course, you can create conditions between each choice. More information about creating conditions can be found at: βœ… True/false conditions

To make a variable appear, use an HUD. More details here: ⬛ Set HUD

To make dynamic subtitles, use the 🟩 Notification block (appearing over the move) on which you can set up delays and duration.

You can send blocks back to previous ones if you want and make loops.

2. import your videos

Go to Main menu (top left in blue)/Files, then add your videos.

You can close the Files window.

Then open each Choice block shown and click on the Video tab and then on Choose Video to see the Files menu appear.

Select the video corresponding to this block to see a preview of it.

You can close this block and fill in the next ones.

3. Create your home menu

Go to Main Menu (blue button with the title of your project at the top left of the authoring interface), then click on Menus.

Create or change the elements of the Main Menu page.

To learn more about how to create a Menu, you can see πŸ“‘ Create menu and pages

During video play, if you want the viewer to jump to the menu, create an Open Menu block and the targeted menu page.

4. Export your interactive movie

Just click on Publish and your movie will be packaged in an app. Choose Direct Link to be hosted on your own cloud (sharable with a link) or PWA (or other ones) to make an export which can be read offline.

Updated on: 20/10/2021

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