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📦 Export your app on an appstore

First, you need to export your app in HTML5.

To learn more about it, go to: 📦 Export your web app

1. Go to the free

create an account if you don't have one.

2. Click on Dashboard.

3. Click on Create new project

4. Fill in the necessary information.

Be sure to select HTML in the type of project you want to publish.

5. Click on Upload files

and select the .zip file of your app.

Your project is uploading.

It is uploaded.

6. Select the ratio of you app

You can decide to integrate it into your publication page with the dimensions you want (Embed in page) or to launch the application in full screen. 

Check the box Automatically start on page load.

Don't forget to check the: Fullscreen button box to display a button to launch your app in full screen.

7. Define the access of your app

whether the project is public, restricted (for example with a password), or private and click Save.

By clicking on View page, you will be able to see the publication page of your HTML5 app.

8. Your application is now published

Press the Full screen bouton on buttom right for your app to fit the screen.

10. Design you web page

by clicking on Edit theme button, a latteral menu appears.

To edit the description of your app, click on the Edit game button.

To set up an widget you can integrate to share it (email, other web pages), go to the Distribute tab.

10. Share your app

by copy/paste its web link (URL) with the format


Congratulations, your app is now available online and ready to welcome your audience.

To add a downloadable link on your webpage, go to: ☁️ Make my app installable from my Drive

To understand all the elements of the interface, go to Tool Elements

For more information on Analytics, go to 📊 Measuring your audience's behavior

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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