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📦 Export your app on Direct Link

To export your app in a single click that you can share to your audience:

Click on Publish

on the top bar of your project

Choose to Start with a module or a menu

starting with a module will start directly the app (from the Starting block of your module, see 🗄 Side menu (Modules)) while you can also start with a menu if you have create one (see 📑 Create menu & pages

Choose a starting module or a starting menu

from the list of your existing ones

Choose an app version

The difference in versions is particularly relevant in Analytics to compare your different versions.

Minor versions (all type 1.x.x) have shared the same dataset in the same diagram while major versions (type 1.x.x and 2.x.x) will have different datasets in several diagrams.

Here data set 2.x.x combines all minor versions (2.0.0, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2...).

For more information on Analytics, go to 📊 Measuring your audience's behaviours

Hide the Celestory branding

Click on Export

Thousands of code lines of your app are packed, send to our server, decrypt during few instants (instead weeks of developments)

You can see the progress while the wheel is rotating

Then a green notification is displayed and the App's link button appears.

Your app is automatically host on a cloud dedicated to you. An email is sent with your app's link.

Click on the App's link button to go on your app

NB: To change the ratio of your project (portrait, landscape or responsive), in your project, go the the Debug window/Display. For more details see 🖥 Ajust my app ratio

NB2: To change the description and the credits of your app, go in your projet to Main menu (topleft in blue/project

Share your app

click on the Share button to see the 4 options of Sharing:

Presentation: This link will be the same than the url you are currently seeing. The description and the credits of the app are visible. The full screen option is available (to exit the Full Screen mode just click on Previous in your browser). This link is recommended for internal use.

Full screen: This link is the app in full screen. It is perfect to share your app directly with your audience.
Remember that if your app is made to be played in portrait (ex: bots) and if have selected that option in your project ratio for example, you app will be be adaptative in any case the height of the app is superior to its width. That means on desktop screens, your app will be displayed as a square, preventing your content to be hard to read.

Integrated: This link is your app in an iframe (like a youtube video). That means it can be integrated in any website in a zone defined by the height and the width of the iframe (in pixels).
To change the size of your iframe, you must copy and paste the link and then adjust the desired width and height indicated by changing the number of pixels between quotes.

Widget: The widget is displayed over any website and the app is launched when a visitor clicks on the button.
Choose the app width and height and the ones of the button. Paste the image address of your button (for example by adding it on the Files of your project and right click on it to get it). Then click on Download script to receive a script (lines of codes) wrapped in a text file. If you want to implement your widget on a webpage, you might need to add "<script>" before the script and "</script>" after it to be readeable by your website.
NB: It you want to enlight your widget with some notification, see 🗯Widget and notification.

If you update your app and you don't see it changing despite the update notification, your system can block the "memory" of your browser during few hours. To immediatly see your updated app, change of browser. For more details see 🔁 I don't see my app updated.

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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