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🔁 I don't see my app updated

If you 📦Export your app on Direct Link and when you click on the App Link you don't see the updated version of your app, no worries!

Your app is visible and up to date, but it may be that your system (antivirus, internet provider, extensions...) does not update the cache (an "immediate memory of the browser").

To check that your app has been updated, you just have to copy the url (the web address "api.celestory...." of your app) and paste it in a new internet browser (chrome, firefox, edge...) which has another cache (so which never stored your app, like your audience).

You will see that your app is now up to date.

NB: Your basic browser, if it is limited in this way, will take a few hours to empty its cache.

NB: If you want to force the update of the cache on Chrome, you can try to click on ... (top right), then More tools/Development tools.

Chrome More Tools-Development Tools

Then right click on the refresh button (top left) and click on Empty cache and perform a forced refresh.

Chrome Empty cache and force refresh

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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