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📦 Export your app on PWA (multiOS installation)

First, you need to export your app in HTML5.

To learn more about it, go to: 📦 Export your web app

Hosting your web app with PWA option (installable offline) offer few advantages: No need to pay any hosting (Free Hosting forever), super fast loading (because it is on your drive servers), no website downtime.

The following steps works with Google Drive and OneDrive. Dropbox instructions are starting at step 5.

1. Unzip your app zip files

downloaded from the Celestory generation email

2. Login to your drive

Connect to your Google or Microsoft Account and open Google or One Drive.

3. Create a new folder

and name it with your app name

4. Upload your app files

from the unzip folder to your drive folder by draging & droping them to your browser

Now get the sharable options of the folder by clicking on it and select Share.

Click on Advanced on the buttom right of the window.

Click on Change link.

Select Public on the web, then click on Save.

5. Open the website

If you want to use Dropbox instead, use Droppages and follow the very similar steps on

6. Click on Host on your Drive.

Accept all necessary permission to the the website.

DriveToWeb is analyzing your drive folders looking for your app.

and anonymous. 

Copy it and send it to a Chrome browser.

8. Install your app


Click on the + appearing on the right of the url.

Then click on the Install button.

Your app is fully installed and avaible offline like other Windows or MacOS App. You  get a shortcut that you can pin on your task bar.


Or any mobile chromium (based on chrome) browser, you will see a contextual button to Add your app to Home screen.

Click on it and you app is now available on your Android or iPhone like any other app.

As you share the link, there are 2 ways to restrict the access to your app:

You can set a generic password in your app directly.
You can embaded the link to install your app into a web page with a generic password, or in any way you can filter the user accounts (email, private shared documents, plateform with accounts).


Congratulations, your app is now installed on the device of your audience. As it is a PWA installation, the weight of the app is very light. As it's only adding files into the local storage of your browser and doesn't have any interaction with your device system, you can install it on any professional device without any IT permissions.

To create a password in your app, go to: 🔑 Enter a key-word or a code (advanced)

To create a web page of your app, go to 🌐 Create my app web page on a platform

To understand all the elements of the interface, go to Tool Elements

For more information on Analytics, go to 📊 Measuring your audience's behavior

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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