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📦 Export your app on HTML5

HTML5 is a very standard web application format that can be placed on any website or web platform.

Create a responsive mobile app (it adapts to any screen size, including mobile), so you can integrate it into your page in a window, like youtube videos, (this is "embedded" content) with the option to put it into full screen.

Share in one link your app without installation! Thanks to the Celestory Progressive Web App technology that allows compatible OSes (mobile and computers) to add this app directly on the home window.

Example of HTML5 integration

1. Click on Publish

In the upper menu bar of a project

Publish button

2. Choose the HTML5 export platform

Export in HTML5

3. Indicate your publication version

To allow you to differentiate between versions.

Export app version

Each new update, depending on its importance, may change the version of the app. For example 1.0.1 for a small update, 2.0.0 for a big one.

If you have already published your app, a smart button suggestion will give you a minor and major numbering.

The difference in versions is particularly relevant in Analytics to compare your different versions.

Minor versions (all type 1.x.x) have shared the same dataset in the same diagram while major versions (type 1.x.x and 2.x.x) will have different datasets in several diagrams.

Here data set 2.x.x combines all minor versions (2.0.0, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2...).

For more information on Analytics, go to 📊 Measuring your audience's behaviours

4. Indicate the title of the Window

Which will appear as the tab title on a browser.

5. Check Enable PWA compatibility

If you wish to offer the ability to add your app to a home screen.

Specify the name of the application as it will be seen from a home screen. If the home screen does not support enough characters, the short title will be displayed.

Finally, choose an icon for your PWA, it will be displayed on the home screen.

6. Click on Export

To generate your application

A notification at the bottom right of the Creator tells you that you will receive an email (your registration email address) with your application.

7. Open your email and download your app

You'll have 24 hours to do it. After this time, you will have to re-export your application.

You will then have a compressed file in .zip format.

You can then host your app for free and simply by allowing its continuous updates in 2 ways:

Host your app on an existing public platform, an "appstore" that will take care of the access to your app (thanks to its account system) and will allow you to design your homepage, offer ratio and full screen options. Since the HTML5 file will not be directly accessible (the appstore using its account system), it will logically not be possible to use the PWA functions (offline installation on the desktop of PC, Mac or mobile devices).

       Go to 📦 Export your app on an appstore

Hosting your app on your private host, simply on your drive, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive (or alternatively Dropbox), without any layout or account system (and therefore no access restriction, unless you put a generic code in the app, see section) but allowing you to use the PWA features, the file being directly accessible.

       Go to 📦 Export your app on PWA (multiOS installation)

Host your app on your own website (webmaster), you will then have to send the zip file to your webmaster who will be able to integrate it directly (embaded) and/or enable the PWA features.


Congratulations, your app is now generated, shareable via a link and will always be up to date for your users whose behavior you can monitor in the Analytics.

To understand all the elements of the interface, go to Tool Elements

For more information on Analytics, go to 📊 Measuring your audience's behavior

Updated on: 11/05/2021

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