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🗨 Create a discussion area

Link of the example:

To create a discussion area, you must create a menu

More information in: 📑]( [Create menu

Create a Start button with the title Help that will link to the start graph of your start module.

So in your graph, you can create an automated bot, analyzing the users' behavior.

This bot can offer a very complete and personalized pedagogy.

More information on the extent of the personalized paths in 💠 Adaptative path

To offer to send an email to a support member, use the 🟩 Link block

Write in the link box a typical link: "

Finally create a block 🟦 Open a menu to bring the user back to the menu.

2. Create the menu page of the discussion area

You can call it Discussion area.

It consists of a web page and a button to return to the main menu.

3. Create an account on Adalo

Adalo is a tool that allows you to create application tips that can be easily integrated into Celestory.

4. Click Create new app

Then select Desktop Web app.

Select the Template Chat

Once in the screen creation interface... on Share.

A new tab opens with the URL of the chat area you want to integrate. Copy it.

De retour dans l'éditeur de menu de Celestory, éditez l'élément du menu Page web.

5. Paste the URL of the chat area into the Url box.

Your chat area is displayed.

Configure your chat area in the tab Database of Adalo.

Configure your chat area in the tab Conversations/Record.

Download the conversations in csv format by clicking on the Download icon.

Go further in the configuration of the Adalo Cat, here is the tutorial:

Updated on: 29/03/2021

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