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πŸšͺ Escape Game

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πŸšͺ Escape Game.

This is a clue-finding test for solve puzzles in the form of input codes to help you get out of a room in the time allotted.

(10 laps indicated in the ATH, configurable in Main Menu -top left in blue -/Menus).

The solution to getting out of the room is:

1) Open the drawer, remember code 1650.

2) Enter the code into the lock of the safe to retrieve the Captain's Key.

3) Opening the door with the Captain's Key

πŸŸͺ Choice

Choices are interactions on which it is possibleto come back.

Every outing has its own modification ball allowing to modify the appearance of choice depending on conditions.

πŸŸͺ Alter choice

This block allows you to:

- disable a choice with the possibility of a special appearance

- rename a choice

- remove an option

- make a choice look different

These changes can be linked to a condition related to one or more variables.


These blocks (below decrement only) are essential to increase or decrease the value of a variable, so that a condition is realized later in the scenario.

Create your variables in Main project menu at the top left (blue button), then in the menu Variables then Add a variable

🧿 A boolean variable has a value: true or false:

here: Captain's key obtained? is necessary to escape from the room.

🧿 A numerical variable has a value represented by a number: 1,2,3...

Here: The number of revolutions remaining decreases with each action, allowing us to model a countdown.

🧿 A textual variable has a value represented by a sequence of keyboard characters: AZERTY1234

Here: The code of the retracted safe must match that of the condition dedicated to the opening of the safe.

The block 🟩 Text input allows you to enter a user a sequence of characters on the keyboard which will define the value of a text variable.

Once the text has been typed in the box provided for this purpose, the user will have to press a button to validate his entry.

The text and appearance of the box to be filled in as follows

and the one on the button are customizable.

Updated on: 20/10/2021

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