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Each module of each project has a background by default (can be changed in Module settings on the left flap).So to start a staging with characters and backgrounds, you have to start by creating a block 🟧 Background.

Double-click on this block then click on Images and select from the files the image you want to use. want to put in the background (you can also import your own image files). Some decors in this project have views multiple (side/back/front).

Remember to choose in the advanced options the contained size so that the high and low edges The lower part of the image adapts to the image on your screen. Finally do not hesitate to give a personalized title (with no effect on user experience) to your block to better recognize it (e.g. here: Office front)

The Dialogue block shows the dialogue of one or more series of lines in each character bubble in the feed of the module.

When you create a new dialogue block, open it and clock on Slect a character to open the contextual menu. Then choose a character or create a new one.

To add another character line, just press enter. To change the character of a line, click first on the line, then changer the character on the contextual menu above.

The different moods or visual orientation of a character always count as a new character.

If you want to create full-fledged avatars, remember to check that the option "Use large images for characters" in the setup menu of the module/Design/Images of the characters is well activated (this is the case in this example project).

Updated on: 20/10/2021

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