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👔 Recruitment simulation

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Creating a recruitment simulation has several advantages:

🧲 Attract a maximum number of candidates with an interactive simulation of the position

💸 Create virtual interviews and save your management productivity

🔮 Instantly discover the behavioural profiles that correspond to you

🥏 Answer them as quickly as possible and retain the best ones

Discovering new origins of interesting profiles

Thanks to this 👔 Recruitment simulation, you can save time (for your teams and for the candidate) on the sorting of your generalist applications, or by restricting physical interviews to targeted groups, limiting physical most interesting profiles.

At the same time, you create a market study of your candidates and find out what the different courses that lead to being a good candidate.

Recognize dominant characteristics

Each answer to a previous question has to draw the outlines of a profile to be recruited.

Now it is a matter of highlighting the dominant profile.

The 🟥 Switch block allows several hypotheses to be tested successively.

Double-click on the block to determine the number of hypotheses and thus outputs, which will be tested one by one.

As soon as a hypothesis is validated, the the story will go out by the corresponding number.

The default output will be taken last if no hypothesis is verified.

Secretly assigning a profile

Thanks to different blocks 🟦 Alert with different titles, you can differentiate between candidates, everything by sending them the same message announcing that you're gonna go back to them.

You can then assign this task to a dedicated business team for example.

You could also decide, once the profile to determine, to test the candidate's perfomance in this profile, and offer an interview only at the most interesting candidate.

To learn more about triggers to Zoom for example, see How to connect your data to 🔌 Zapier

Updated on: 29/03/2021

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