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📃 Enriched reading

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You can control text animations with the block 🟩Narrator and images with the block 🟩Image to offer a pleasant reading experience to your user.

The experience will be close to an ebook with a text that will be displayed as it scrolls by, diminishing the feeling of effort and offering a constant pleasure of discovery.

The content of your document (text, image) will be grouped in different chapters in the form of group.

The following blocks will help you:


This block allows you to display an image directly in the information feed (wall).

Just click on the image then displayed for moving forward with the experiment.

In the block editor you can also enter text to be displayed over the image, and for example put a personalized text to replace with the value of a variable.

More information on 💬 Perzonalize a text


This block displays a text with an animation letter by letter (unlike the Alert block which displays it directly).

In the block editor, you can activate the animation letter by letter.

To change the speed of the animation, click on Module Settings (Side Menu)/Design/Narrator

🟩 Dialogues

You can animate the dialog text of a character with this block.

Start by creating the identity of your characters in the module/Character with specific names type like CharacterName.

Then in the Dialogs block, the format must be respected:

"CharacterName1: Replica 1.

CharacterName2: Replica 2."

The different expressions of a character must be configured as multiple characters.

Animations are automated in the Chatbot template. Only one character appears at the screen at a time when it's his turn to talk.

He disappears when another character speaks.

Updated on: 29/03/2021

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