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🖼️ Image variable

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Image variables are variables that allow you to store images. You can store an image as a project file or as a URL (direct link).

To create an image variable, go to the main menu (blue button at the top left) and then to Variables

Then click on Add a variable !

In the Variable Type drop-down menu, choose Image then enter the desired name and press Add !

Here you can choose which image to store in your variable by clicking on Choose Image for a project file and using the Url field to indicate a direct link to an image

For the example, we add a URL of an image, in this case, the Celestory logo.

After creating a menu that has our image variable as a layout element (like in the example project), we press the Play Button.
We can then see that the image is displayed.

You can also assign a URL from the graph as shown in the example project

Now you know how to use image variables.

Updated on: 03/06/2021

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