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📷Virtual tour

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To create an interactive tour, simply take photos of the different views of the space you want to model.

The photos will be integrated into illustrated Choice Blocks 🟪. This is a combination of the Display block and the Choice block. This is a combination of the Display block and the Choice block, so the choices appear directly at the end of the file. This is the perfect block for creating interactive photos/videos.

The block works just like the other two blocks: to insert an image or a video, you just have to click on the icon of the concerned media, then choose or upload the desired media. The visual document will appear after the block before the block Illustrated choice. These blocks will then be integrated into groups bearing the names of the zones of the space to be modeled.

Your graph will simply look like a plan seen from above this space.

The action buttons are emoji with a transparent border.

Feel free to place blocks 🟦 Increment to measure the behavior of your virtual visitors via numerical variables or blocks 🟩 Enter text to create a database with the information they give you.

More information on:

🧮 Numerical conditions

🧬 Create a database

You can create sets of blocks representing the different parts that make up your visit to help you find your way around:

You can also add Alert blocks in order to inform your player during the interactive visit, in this example it is a museum so we have put in place information about the subject, the analysis and the origin of the work:

Updated on: 28/05/2021

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